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Learn Adjectives:

Example (underlined word is an adjective)

“She was kind to help us.”

The above mentioned sentence can also be written as     

“It was kind of her to help us.”

Rewrite the following sentences

  1. —  She was rude to say that.
  2. —  They were stupid to forget the tickets.
  3. —  She was foolish to sell her ornaments.
  4. —  Those boys were cruel to throw stones at birds.
  5. —  Your uncle was very kind to give us a lift in his car.
  6. —  She was foolish to refuse the offer.
  7. —  The policeman was kind to help the children cross the road.
  8. —  They were wrong to put the blame on their juniors.
  9. —  She is silly to say such things.
  10. —  He was cowardly to strike a poor old beggar.

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