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Why a good grammar knowledge is important?

Hello friends,

A good grammar knowledge is important because so many people have bad grammar.

Anytime a small group or an individual excel at something that most of the population doesn’t, it’s slightly mesmerizing.

We’re drawn to athletes in the same way. The “best” athlete receives the highest admiration.

Most of us can run, jump, and throw a ball. But when seeing it done on a professional level, it’s stunning. Someone with good grammar is more articulate.

This tends to hint at some degree of intelligence. Even if minor.


Quality over quantity is key. Only an articulate person can deliver quality laconic statements. Education has always been sexy. Quality education, even sexier.


The problem is not with language or grammar cause it’s just a part of communication. Grammar does not make a person good or bad, probably a devil is living inside the person you just called a Gentleman and an angle whom you just called a Gaoonwaala.”

Thank you for reading this post!!!

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