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Group Discussion

Group Discussion

A Group Discussion is conducted to judge the leadership and analytical skill of the candidates. It can be an elimination round as well and the candidates who perform well, are shortlisted for the interview. In a Group Discussion, there may be 8 to 10 candidates discussing any given topic. The topics for discussion are generally current affairs. There are three types of topics general, abstract and technical. One needs to update oneself properly to crack a Group Discussion round. The example of each is given below.

  • General- Dowry culture in India.

The candidate should have a deep insight into social and culture related issues of the society to discuss the general topics. Continuous reading of newspapers’ editorials can help a lot.


  • Technical- Do you think that the RBI should hike the key interest rates to curb the inflation?

The candidate should have a deep insight into his core subjects besides having knowledge of the latest development in the field.


  • Abstract- Who says an Elephant can’t dance?

In an abstract topic, exact meaning of the topic is not clear. The candidates, by using their imagination and creativity, can discuss the topic and arrive at a conclusion. It requires a great imaginative skill and a little common sense.

Dos and don’ts

1-      Maintain a proper eye contact with every one while speaking.

2-      Your body language must be positive.

3-      Appear to be confident but do not shout or be dominant. It may go against you.

4-      Talk in brief and to the point.

5-      Come up with authentic and factual information.

6-      Do not exaggerate unnecessarily.

7-      Do not get deviated from the topic.

8-      Be either in favour or against but do not take both sides or seem confused.

Group Discussions are conducted regularly on the latest and current issues at the Proficient,     Spoken English Training Institute