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It has three basic rules.

  1. Identify the tense.
  2. Write the helping verb before the subject.
  3. Write the question word before the helping verb.


Example 1. :    They were going to the temple.

QuestionWhere were they going?


Analysis: 1. Tense– Past continuous

2. Helping verb–  Were

3. Question Word–  Where

Example 2. :   I met an old woman in the park last night.


Three possible questions can be made here.


  1. Who did you met in the park last night?
  2. Where did you meet an old woman last night?
  3. When did you meet an old woman in the park?



Supply suitable questions to fit the answers given below

  1. I have been living in this city since 2003.
  2. I have not met him.
  3.  Ravi defeated Ramesh.
  4. Ram killed Ravan.
  5. She has bought a mobile phone.
  6. We were playing computer games.
  7. I will come at 3 pm.
  8. He sold his house to Mr. Bhatnagar.
  9.  I am talking about the match.
  10. I was thinking about you.
  11. She worked in a hospital.
  12. Mother is boiling eggs.
  13.  I would like to have a pizza.
  14. I am talking about this project.
  15.  He paid me Rs thousand.
  16. There are 50 students in that class.
  17. He will come by the evening.
  18. I have been living in bhopal since 1988.
  19. I get fodder for my cow from this shop.
  20.  Mrs. Sharma teaches us Physics.
  21.  I have invited Mohan.
  22. I work with Politicians.
  23.  He comes from new market.
  24.  I dialed Pawan’s number.
  25. I am a software engineer.
  26. She teaches in JVM School.
  27. He does not give any discount.
  28. They are working for Thomas Nelson and Sons.
  29. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.
  30. The cow eats grass.
  31. This is Neha’s pen.
  32. He saved my life.
  33. I am looking for Bobby.
  34. Ishaan is speaking to Harshit.
  35. I do not believe in science.
  36. She is 26 years old.
  37.  I used to live in Ujjain.
  38.  He was suspended by me.
  39.  Sharad has bought a new mobile.
  40. I will come at 12 pm.
  41. Yes. God exists.
  42. I have no pen.
  43. Her daughter is settled in US.
  44. I belong to Indore.
  45. My address is 67- Park Avenue.
  46. I like him the most.
  47. Amitabh acted in Janjeer.
  48. It is made of wood.
  49. I will not come tomorrow.
  50. They are staying in the countryside.
  51. She is staying with an old friend of hers.
  52. The policeman was looking for the thief.
  53. The girls were playing with their new dolls.
  54.  Bangal is famous for Durga Puja.
  55.  She has gone to kanpur.
  56.  I go to school by bus.
  57. Agra is famous for the Taj Mahal.
  58.  She does not love me.
  59.  I am marrying Priyanka.
  60. I will meet her at a restaurant.
  61. The maid servant was talking to the grocer.
  62. She gave a present to her aunt.
  63. He met his friend in the street last night.
  64. Ramesh bought a land for 50 Lakh.
  65.  I am an MBA.
  66. I am in the forest department.



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