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  • Pattern of questions (in CAT/MAT/XAT/Bank PO)


  1. Read the following passage carefully


Banning a particular taxi firm will not yield results in the government’s efforts to prevent crimes against women. Taxi service providers should be told to run their operations directly without acting as third-party service providers as keeping a tab on all taxi drivers is tough. Both the taxi firms and the government should be answerable on the reviews they undertake on security. The government should conduct surprise checks on the operations of taxi providers. The fake character certificate given to the accused in the latest case is shocking. After the December 16 incident, one thought the authorities had learnt their lessons. Apparently not.


Which of the following can be inferred about the passage?


  1. Government should not ban the taxi firms.
  2. The government should conduct the surprise checks.
  3. The system has a long way to go in providing security to women.
  4. Travelling by taxi in India is not safe.
  5. Taxi drivers should respect women.


  1. The sentences given in the question, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. Each sentence is labeled with a letter. Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the given choices to construct a coherent paragraph.


A-     I was not getting admission anywhere.

B-       Finally I got the admission in St. Charles School.

C-      One seat was vacant there.

D-     All classes were full in the city’s schools.

E-      My father’s friend told him about St. Charles School.


  1. AECBD
  2. DAECB
  3. DBECA
  4. ABCDE
  5. DAEBC


  1. This question consists of four sentences on a topic. Some sentences are grammatically incorrect. Select the option that indicates the grammatically incorrect sentence(s)


  1. I was going to market.
  2. A women was walking on the road.
  3. A bicycle hit her.
  4.  She fall down.
  5. I took her to a doctor. She is all right now.


  1. A &C
  2. C & D
  3. B & D
  4. A & E
  5.  A, B & D


The passage given below is followed by a set of four questions. Choose the most appropriate answer to each question.


Whenever we think of our flaws, anger is the last thing that comes to our mind; but it is a serious issue with everyone today. Everyone thinks that he/she has the right to be angry. It is very easy to listen to rules; count to ten, go out of the room, focus on positive things but in reality, when you are itching to reply back, when retorts are struggling to come out, then it’s very difficult to remember the rules and follow them.

I have been in this situation countless times; and I can safely say that most of us rationalise that the other person is provoking us. We all seek refuge in saying that “I was not going to say anything but he left me with no choice.” We think ourselves to be rational while doing and saying the most irrational things ever.

I can control whether to reply or remain silent. It’s my prerogative but yes, to exercise this control is the hardest thing. The sweet taste of victorious pride is hard to let go. The desire to revenge our wounded pride is irresistible and this is the very desire which creates friction between friends, destroys families and sometimes causes some people to commit unspeakable acts of crimes. And all the while, the secret to avoid all this lies within our heart.

As for me, when I feel getting myself worked up over anyone, I start reasoning and let the other person know my side of the story. I tend to shout less and listen more. I fail most of times but I carry on; victory is coming at least, even if in short bursts and spurts.

Most often than not, we regret our words whenever spoken in haste but this repentance comes very late. Sometimes we don’t even get the opportunity to apologise. If we can just listen to our inner voice whenever we are angry, we will not just save others from being hurt, we can save ourselves too from the inferno of rage and destruction.

  1. Why, according to the author, is it difficult to control the anger?
  2. Anger is uncontrollable.
  3. Most of us rationalize that other person is provoking us.
  4. We do not count from 1 to 10.
  5. We like to be angry.
  6. It is quite normal to get angry.


  1. Which, among following may be after effect of anger?
  2. We regret our words and want to apologize.
  3. We get into depression.
  4. We justify our anger.
  5. Anger becomes a  permanent part of our nature.
  6. We learn to control our anger.


  1. How, according to the author anger can be controlled?
  2. Count 1 to 10 whenever you get angry.
  3. Leave that place immediately.
  4. Apologize to the people you have hurt.
  5. By doing meditation.
  6. By reasoning and let the other person know your side of the story.


  1. Which among the following can be the most suitable title of the passage?
  2. Our flaws
  3. Being human
  4. How to overcome anger
  5. Our weaknesses
  6. Pride and prejudice


  1. The question given below consists of two blanks. Fill in the most suitable pair of words.


The city was………………in dense fog, and also…………………by light evening showers on Tuesday.


  1. Hit , Covered
  2. Covered,  Jammed
  3. Disturbed,  Jammed
  4. Enveloped,  Hit
  5. Welcomed,  Surrounded



  1. Synonym  of  “Ramshackle” is
  2. Nice
  3. Broken
  4. Rickety
  5. Magnificent
  6. Shaken

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