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Put following in to passive voice.

  1. Pratik Plays Snooker.
  2. Pratik wears a Jacket.
  3. Mandavi did not do any job.
  4. Government is constructing a road.
  5. Mr. Prime minister does not take right decision.
  6. You do not like me.
  7.  Police have arrested him.
  8.  Management will call the police.
  9. She does not show her pet to anyone.
  10. Raju is sweeping the floor.
  11. I will organize a party.
  12. She did not give me the appointment letter.
  13. He has approached me.
  14. He has cheated many people.
  15. He is promoting the film.
  16. Nokia has launched Super 567.
  17. I will drink his blood.
  18. Ekta kapoor will make Jodha Akabar.
  19. Piyus contacted me yesterday.
  20. I will catch the thief.
  21. I had taught you.
  22. Ram called me.
  23. Priya took some coffee.
  24. He has placed an order.
  25. KFC always serves hot coffee.
  26. My father loves me.
  27. Whole family is opposing my decision.
  28. Ladies love make up.
  29. He was blackmailing me.
  30. She is not giving any reaction.
  31. We will send an email.
  32. He is avoiding me.
  33. She has stolen my heart.
  34. I will make you a manager.
  35. They buy and sell lands.
  36. Company is making a new office.
  37. He wrote a poem.
  38. You are not giving any response.
  39. I will congratulate you.
  40. She was mistreating him.
  41.  I am convincing him.
  42. He has hurt me.
  43. Government has introduced a new law.
  44.  I will cancel all the appointments.
  45. They have called the police.
  46. I will not give you the contract.
  47. He impresses me the most.
  48. He covers his books with brown paper.
  49. She does not speak truth.
  50. I love painting.

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