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Spoken English classes in Bhopal

English which is spoken by us is known as Spoken English. It is very useful. For example, if you want to open an account in a private sector bank, you may have to talk in English there.

You would say “hello I would like to open an account.” Some more examples are following.

  • Is Mr. Sharma at home?
  • Do you have cold coffee?
  • I prefer walking to cycling.
  • I would like to join your gym.
  • Richa teaches in school.

We often hear people say that Spoken English does not follow grammar. It does, however, you can enjoy some relaxation. It depends upon your surroundings as well. It is also a popular belief that one must study in English medium school to know English. These are nothing but misconceptions. By applying following methods anyone can improve his Spoken English irrespective of his medium of instruction, family background and age.

  • Read English newspaper daily.
  • Listen to English news channels.
  • Pay careful attention when somebody speaks in English.
  • Join a language training class or make a friend circle where you can talk in English.
  • Read English comics and books. One can start with children story books.
  • Use simple words and phrases while speaking English.
  • Make a list of the sentences which you use frequently and read that daily.

At last, have patience. It may take a few months, even a year.

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