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Best English Classes In Bittan market Bhopal

Newspaper words

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  • Hold =  To catch
    Usage: “Police held a teacher for molestation.”
  • Strike = to refuse to work
    Usage: “Teachers are on strike.”
  • Tribute = respect for a dead person
    Usage: “Tributes were paid for the dead president of USA.”
  • Clash = A short fight between two groups
    Usage: “Eight people were wounded in a clash.”
  • Injure =  wounded
    Usage: “Four people were injured in a clash.”
  • Accused = a person who is suspected
    Usage: “Police have arrested the rape accused.”
  • Molest= to attack somebody sexually
    Usage: “A boy molested a girl near the railway station.”
  • Shoot dead = To kill with a gun
    Usage: “A girl was shot dead by her lover.”
  • Lodge/ file= to complain
    Usage: “Victim lodged an FIR in the police station.”
  • Victim = a person who is injured in a clash or attack
    Usage: “Victim filed an FIR.”


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  • Adjourn = To stop an official process
    Usage: “The court/ Parliament have been adjourned.”
  • Cop= A police officer
    Usage: “Please somebody call the cops.”
  • Crisis= A difficult time
    Usage: “A financial crisis has hit the country.”
  • Riot= violence
    Usage: “Anti Muslim riot has spread.”
  • Sack = to fire an employee
    Usage: “I will sack you if you do not work on Sundays.”
  • Abscond= To run away
    Usage: “Accused has absconded from the city.”
  • Stab= to push a knife into somebody
    Usage: “An unidentified person has stabbed a youth to death.”
  • Mishap= a small accident
    Usage: “There was a mishap at Chunna Bhatti square last night.”
  • Ideology= a set of ideas or thoughts
    Usage: “I have my own ideology and you have your own.”
  • Inflation= a rise in the price of goods
    Usage: “Government is doing nothing to curb inflation.”
  • Curb= to control something bad.
    Usage: “Government is doing nothing to curb the inflation.”

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