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Types of batches

We have two types of batches:

  1. The  beginners’ batch
  2. The advanced batch

1. The  beginners’ batch- Those, who do not know basic grammar which is essential for speaking ( tenses, modals etc) , can take admission in the beginners’ batch where they are taught tenses, modals and after their grammatical fundamentals are cleared, are transferred to advanced batch.

2. The advanced batch- Those, who can already speak English, but are not confident enough, can take admission in the advanced batch where their communication is sharpened with a lot of communicative activities.

  • It is a four months course for advanced learners and a five month course for beginners.
  • Resume writing service is also provided to freshers.
  • If a student is unable to complete his course, he can take a break any time and can rejoin any time.